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Allen Bradley 100-D210ED11 contactor
Allen Bradley 100-D210ED11 contactor rated for 210 AMPS, 75 H.P @ 230 volt and 150 H.P. @ 460 volt 3 Phase and a 110-130 volt electronic AC coil - 3 power poles with 1 N.O. and 1 N.C. side mounted auxiliary contacts

Need help finding the coil voltage? Click here to see a picture to help determine the location of the coil voltage for this starter.

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Note: This product does not come with a Rockwell Automation warranty

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Availability : Obsolete - Please see link above for replacement
Product Code: 100-D210ED11

Description Detailed Specifications
The Bulletin 100-D/104-D contactor family, along with a wide range of common accessories and Bulletin 193 electronic overload relays, provides the most compact and flexible starter component system available.  Each Allen Bradley 100-D210 contactor comes with side mounted normally open and normally closed auxiliary contacts and up to 2 more auxiliaries can be added.  You can also add terminals to the AB 100-D210 for easy wire connection and installation.