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Allen Bradley 100-C09D10 contactor
Allen Bradley 100-C09D10 contactor rated for 9 AMPS, 2 H.P @ 230 volt and 5 H.P. @ 460 volt 3 Phase and a 110v50Hz/120v60Hz AC coil - 3 power poles with 1 N.O. base mounted auxiliary contact - screw terminals and base or DIN rail mounting

Allen Bradley has released the new version of this contactor, the 100-E09KD10. The 100-C09D10 is still current and available, but purchasing the new contactor will ensure future availability of options and accessories. Click here to see information on this new 100-E series contactor.

Need help finding the coil voltage? Click here to see a picture to help determine the location of the coil voltage for this starter.

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Allen Bradley 100 Auxiliaries:

Allen Bradley 193 Overloads:

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Wide range of available accessories for any application

The Allen Bradley 100-C line of 3- and 4-pole contactors has available accessories to suit any installation and application requirement. Additional contacts for signalling or motor cut-off are available in two and four pole top mounted auxiliary configurations which do not increase the overall width of the 100-C09D10. For panels with a limited depth, you can add side mounted auxiliaries in single or two pole versions with all possible combination of contacts.

For motor protection, Allen Bradley offers either thermal protection with the 193-T series of overload relays or solid state (electronic) protection with the 193-E series of motor protective relays. The 193-T thermal overload relays have AMP ranges from 0.10 up to 25 AMPS, come in both Class 10 and Class 20 tripping times and mount directly to any 100-C09 through 100-C23 3 pole contactor. The solid state 193-E overload relays have wide ranging AMP adjustments with just 3 overloads covering ranges from 1 to 27 AMPS, selectable trip classes and also mount directly to any Allen Bradley 3 pole contactor from 9 to 23 AMPS.

Ease of installation and small compact frame size

The Bulletin 100-C series of contactors from 9 to 37 AMP offers the most compact size of anything available in the market today. With a narrow 45MM width, these 3 pole UL and IEC rated contactors reduce panel size and subsequently engineering costs associated with larger sized contactors with similar electrical ratings

With two options for mounting, either snap onto 35MM Din rail or screw mounting to the back panel, installation time is greatly reduced which saves down time and saves money otherwise lost with complicated mounting methods of traditional contactors. Furthermore the finger safe screw terminals provide for fast removal and replacement of existing units.

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